Why Buy Health Insurance?

Health insurance policy offers a peace of mind; help to reduce stress about treatment expenses. They also help you to focus your energy on getting better treatment and acquiring good health faster.

Most people suffer from high levels of stress, because of life style changes such as they work for long hours. They eat junk food no exercise and the huge traffic and less infrastructure it increase the chances of accident in urban areas and also most of the people are now obese. Suffering from B.P., Sugar, Heart attack, strokes in age of 35 To 40.

The Hospitalization cost of health care expenses is unbelievably expensive. Modern research and technology have resulted in cures for dreaded diseases. However these cures have high operating cost and hence are available to a select few. In fact even among the affluent class of people, 10-20 % need to sell their valuable assets so that they can accumulate the total amount need for the treatment. It is estimated that the cost for hospitalization and other medical expenses would further rise with the increase in inflation.

Cost Of Surgeries

Sr. No. Treatment 2007 Cost 2012 Cost Inflation 2016 Cost
1 Cataract 16000 24000 50% 36000
2 Angiography 14000 22000 57% 34540
3 Coronary Artery Pass Graft (CAiGB) 165000 235000 42% 333700
4 Appendectomy 28000 42000 50% 63000
5 Piles 21000 35000 67% 58450
6 Gall Bladder Removal 32000 52000 63% 84760
7 Prostate Surgery 37000 62000 68% 104160
8 Angioplasty with 2 stents 155000 245000 58% 387100

According to a survey conducted average medical costs in a quality hospital
and estimated costs in the future years.

Estimated costs
Health Ailments Approximate cost in 2010 5 years - 2015 12% inflation 10 years- 2020 8% inflation 20 years- 2030 8% inflation
Coronary Artery Bypass Graft 1,50,000- 4,00,000 2,64,000 - 7,05,000 3,24,000 - 8,64,000 6,99,000-18,65,000
Angioplasty 1,00,000- 3,00,000 1,76,200 - 5,28,000 216,000 - 6,48,000 4,66,000-13,98,000
Cataract 25,000-50,000 44,000 - 88,000 54,000 - 1,07,000 1,17,000-2,33,000
Lithotripsy (Kidney stone removal) 30,000- 50,000 53,000 - 88,000 65,000 - 1,08,000 1,40,000-2,33,000

It is important to add indirect cost to understand the complete expenditure incurred for a medical treatment. An approximate of 35 % of the total costs is incurred as indirect expenses. Most individuals over look indirect expenses like travel, boarding, and lodging and even temporary loss of income when planning for medical expenses.

Most urban individuals insure their houses, vehicles, child’s education and even their retirement plans but forget to insure their health which is of out most importance. It is important to remember that medical emergencies strike without a warning and have a great impact on our finances and eat into our assets and investments in the absence of a good health insurance in India. There are several types of health insurance Coverage policies that are available. You can buy the policy that best suits your requirement. It is suggested that you buy a policy of a maximum sum assured that you can pay.

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