Non Life Insurance - Why Lawyers should buy insurance?

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The law has been likened to a glacier. Any attempt to speed up the legal process have always proved to be completely contrary to the desired result. And lawyers have been the butt of too many jokes owing to a few rotten apples in an otherwise well-qualified and decent lot.

Times have changed and tables are also turning. As a lawyer, you spend long and late hours studying and noting down important cases, understanding the working of the legal system, the need for highly specific language in formulating legal documents and much, much more.

And just like the rest of us, you are human too. You may have taken up an important case with a high-profile client and by chance, forget to include a small detail in one of the legal documents. Not only do you lose the case for your client, but he decides to consult another lawyer and initialise court proceedings against you, reason being your professional negligence. Courtroom verdicts are not always pleasant and they might order you to compensate the client for his time and resources. Would it not be prudent and opt for a Professional Indemnity insurance policy?

Legal offices and premises always inspire respect and awe. And surely you have invested a minor fortune while furnishing your office with expensive artifacts, rare antiques and mementoes. Besides such assorted paraphernalia, you might also hold highly classified and important documentation with state-of-the-art electronic equipment to assist you in your scope of work. Since your office premises hold much value for you, doesn't it make sense to safeguard your interests by going in for an Office Umbrella insurance policy?

Under the sections of the Office Umbrella policy, everything worth any reasonable value that is stored within your office can be insured against fire and allied perils, theft or robbery, accidents or misfortune and even fraudulent or dishonest acts committed by your employees.

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